Personal Projects

In my copious free time, I am drawn to the world of gaming – most specifically Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming which has led to a few personal projects over the years that I am particularly proud of (and entertained by).



MMO Central (MMOC) is my latest (and perhaps greatest) personal project. A media company that comprises of a website (and associated social media) that provides news for the MMO genre. I personally serve as Editor-in-Chief, with a number of other colleagues/volunteers who serve as editors and writers alongside me (including my wife, Heather).

If you enjoy MMO gaming then I would absolutely recommend that you check us out and follow us on social media for the latest genre news.


WSC Logo

WildStar Central (WSC) is one of my older projects, and is still running today (albeit in something of a maintenance mode). Originally founded in 2009, WSC was the first fansite for the NCSOFT massively multiplayer title WildStar.

Comprising of a twitter feed, forum, livestreaming, video and download directories, it was a popular venue for both players and developers alike while the title was in beta testing, though lies somewhat fallow in recent years.


Twitch Logo

For all my other gaming pursuits, you can find me over on where I like to livestream my gameplay and chat with whoever happens along to enjoy my digital antics. Dependant on the game you can find me streaming on my Partnered channel @mmocentralcom for MMO’s or on @zaprobo for everything else.

I also hang out on the app, where you can certainly feel free to add me as a friend for a chat about everything gaming related, or you may catch me in some of the more popular streams (such as @GeekandSundry on Thursdays for Critical Role)