About Me

Now beginning the slow decline of his 40’s, Andy was born in Derby, UK but now living in Youngstown, Ohio, USA. Professionally, he has risen from the ranks of Technical Support, through Data Center Operations, Systems Administration to IT Engineering […]

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Personal Projects

In my copious free time, I am drawn to the world of gaming – most specifically Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming which has led to a few personal projects over the years that I am particularly proud of (and entertained […]

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Professional Projects

Professionally, through over a decade of systems and networking-focused Systems Administration and Technical Support I have gained experience of many end-user/corporate computer and network architectures, both physical and virtualized – resulting in a career spanning Technical Support, Network Operations and […]

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Contacting Me

Email/Direct If you want to get in touch with me privately, then you can email me on zap.robo@gmail.com for any personal or business matters you want to discuss. If directly related to one of my side projects (like MMO Central, […]

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Latest Blog

Application Aware (VSS) Backups and ACT!7 SQL Server Configuration

It’s come up often enough now, and been difficult enough each time to locate details on it, that I want to write a little something about failed VSS backups when the accounting package Act! is installed. It’s an infuriating little […]

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Veeam Explorer for Exchange and Exchange 2016 CU5

So, a quick note for those with the above software – I’d recommend you trying to access an EDB (Exchange Database) file from one of your backups with Veeam Explorer for Exchange at your soonest convenience – it appears that there […]

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Business Software Selection for Android 4.0 Tablets

My background in mobile computing began in ernest when I first acquired a Palm V. From there I moved though a Palm M515, to a Palm Tungsten T3. After this line of PDA’s I then jumped ship to smartphones – first on Windows Mobile via a XDA Stellar (aka HTC TyTN II) and latterly on Android via a Motorola Droid2.

Now I’ve made the jump to tablets and I’ve recently took delivery of then started using a Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (TF201 – 32GB, Champagne model) (Amazon)

This isn’t a unit review – there’s plenty of those out there if you want to Google for them. This isn’t even an OS review (it runs Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich – and looks very fine doing so) because they are out there too.

This is a software suite selection blog – namely for Android business apps I’ve decided upon.

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