Latest News:
+   Site: Laws of Arrakech added to Laws and Treaties
+   Death: Court Bard Serenade assassinated
+   Dispatch: Inquisitor Ezekial Crane has been dispatched to Lantia to investigate the recent deaths of Arrakech citizens

Welcome to the ley home of the Countess' Guard. Located on the Isle of Arrakech, situated in the Spine of Tebron, these valiant men and women have been stalwart defenders of the Countess and her line for many a year.

We are now returned to the isle of Arrakech after a brief occupation by the hated Calebii, who withdrew under mysterious circumstances.

You have leave to view whatever you will upon this ley, yet wander not to where you are likely unwelcome. We dislike dispensing summary justice, but it will be meted if it is warranted.

May the True Varus lend you His strength


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This site is created and maintained by members of the Lions Group "The Countess Guard" for the general amusement of other Lorien Trust players. All information within is IC, and may or may not represent game or IRL truth. You have been warned!