Living in the USA – Week Four

Well, it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been in the USA for only four weeks – I’m as comfortable in the apartment as to feel I’ve always lived here. Of course, the problem being with a lack of nearby/reliable public transport and the whole city being more spread out I am more-or-less housebound until I sort out a driving license.

The first thing to do, however, is to sort out a different kind of license. The Marriage License. Which means a trip to the Probate Court of Mahoning County next week, and then to see about getting officially hitched (so we can start in the paperwork which will allow me to legally work at last!)

I thought I might freak out more about being away from the UK than I have. Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet? Or maybe I was never that attached to the country (though I do miss easy access to friends and family).