Yearly update? Oh go on!

Well, it seems I best make a post on the ol’ ZRN Network to let you know that I am still alive and kicking.

Life has been good, despite a worry this month that I may have to seek new accomodations (my housemate lost their job, but has managed to get timely new employment!) so I’m all good on the home front.

On the relationship front myself and the beautiful Heather remain very much in love and things couldn’t be happier (apart from that ocean thing!)

On the tabletop roleplay front, the WHFRP has stopped for the most part even though the campaign remains unfinished since we can’t all seem to get into the same room at the same time. Mike has started a new 4E Forgotten Realms campaign that runs almost once a week so I’m sated on the tabletop front (L4 Elf Rogue right now).

On the Live Roleplay front, I’ve not been to a single event this year as I can’t come up with a good character concept to suck me back into the game. Mike has the same problem but we’re planning on the Big G so need a concept sharpish. Anyone out in LARP Land got ideas?

Other than that, yeah – still here!