Update Time!

Well, thought I’d update y’all with how things are trucking in my half of the world. Especially since I’ve just activated mirroring over to LJ where a number of people I know do tend to lurk.

Winter so far has been wet, cold, and cheap. Yep, I’m not putting my head out the house, or spending any money that isn’t needed for bills or food. Okay, so this isn’t completely as fun-less as it sounds since my City of Heroes/Villains account is plenty active – latest character to the stable is “Bound Lich” (a hero, believe it or not!)

Otherwise, I am spending as much time with Heather as I can – relationships split up by oceans are not something I recommend seeking out 🙂 Of course, if you find your perfect partner overseas, don’t let go!

Well, ’tis late – just finished a Task Force. Night!