Sunday Update

Well, freshly bathed and refreshed after seven days straight at work I sit in front of my computer, delete my daily spam and turn to you gentle readers of my life. All none of you!

Still, nice to get my thoughts out in the open any-hoo. Such as the latest with The Enemy Within campaign. My Grave Robber-turned-Cat Burglar has finally earned his reputation by robbing a moderately wealthy merchants house. Net gain was almost 200 gold crowns, some gems and a couple of bits of jewellry. Had a little trouble with the Watch, but outran them fine!

And at work, myself and my colleague Steve have been working on a web tool. It’s not fancy, but its smart looking and will do the job a treat. Hoping our annual bonuses are in the bag for that!

Now, to ponder what to do on Monday and Tuesday… the cinema may be calling!