Shadows over Bogenhafen

Well, finished another roleplay session in the wonderful world of Warhammer. Today saw the completion of the Shadows over Bogenhafen adventure (converted to version 2 by Mike) which netted me enough experience points not only to switch to the Cat Robber career, but also to take a couple of statistic advancements (Agility) and new Skills (Concealment, Pick Lock) and Talents (Trapfinder).

Also managed to make my first break-in this session but alas was into a warehouse full of trade goods so nothing good to loot. And along with firsts, I managed to net two Insanity Points.

The Sunday session has been moved to Tuesdays to compensate for Mike being away for the next few weeks which means we move over to Death on the Reik in two days time. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do some proper thieving now I can break and enter, as well as keep fairly hidden. Fun times – only 1500 XP to get to Master Thief or Fence (not decided which yet!)