Flying Solo

Irritating facts…

  1. This is the second weekend on the trot I’ve had to work
  2. Both weekends have had lovely weather I’d have liked to been out in
  3. Today, my erstwhile partner for the weekend called in sick
  4. This morning, the phones were ludicrously busy for a Saturday

This does not a happy Andy make.

On the upside, I’ev watched Doctor Who as I always do of a weekend (whether it be on Saturday or Sunday after “borrowing a copy”) and found it a little fragmented. Not particularly bad, just fragmented.

Spending my evening watching the ever excellent Firefly so no great shakes – can’t do much else seeing how I have work tomorrow as well.

Also, irritatingly, City of Villains still reuses to play correctly on my PC since the last patch or two – apparently the devs have tracked down a problem and a fix is coming but… well, it ain’t here yet!