Death on the Reik Pt I

The Enemy Within Campaign moves on apace as our valiant party (now an Outlaw, Toll Keeper, Spy and myself a Cat Burglar) flee Bogenhafen. Half a days travel later (and a few mutants dispatched) sees us in the possession of a boat, replete with cargo of wool.

Quick travel to Weissbruck gets us involved with rescuing a local herbalist from some gang members, before hiring an actual boatman for the journey to Altdorf. Once in Altdorf we made a few purchases, and took on another cargo – this one bound for Kemperbad. That was the session pretty much in a nutshell.

Other points of note for my character – harassed by some more Purple Hand nuts (who made my hand purple!), found my name on a Wanted poster (20GC on my head, not bad… I’m holding out for more!)

Next session due Thursday next!