Neck Pains and Demons

I awoke this morning (and actually morning, rather than afternoon as I am more accustomed to) with an almost excrutiating pain around the base of the back of my neck. Expecting I just slept badly, I retired to the bath for a leisurely few hours.

I finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. It’s the book he wrote previous to the Da Vinci Code (yeah, you’ve heard of that one!) and as I’ve been urged by a very good frend of mine (hi if you’re reading, gentle^star!) it needs to be read before Da Vinci in order to understand the nuances of plot and character.

All in all, I found the book very enjoyable and have finished reading it. Was particularly impressed with the ambigrams (especially the one at the end of the copy I was reading with the title of the book).

However, I now find that my neck pain refuses to leave and I am finding it very difficult to think or function today because of it! I hope it clears up soon enough, as I have a phonecall to make at 1500hrs!