Movie Night and Witterings

What? You thought that because I replaced ZRN with a blog that I’d update it any more frequently? Foolish, foolish people!

Went to the cinema this evening with my housemate for the thoroughly enjoyable V for Vendetta. I came out of the cinema “singing” da-da dadada-da da *boom*. If you’ve seen it, you may know what I mean 🙂 Had some very nice Orwell’s 1984 analogies – I’m going to have to read the original comics now though, to see what about the big screen implementation irked Alan Moore.

On a bit of a down side I have a swollen mouth, caused by something to do with a wisdom tooth. I’m either going through teething again, or I may (I suspect) have some kind of abscess which is playing merry hell with me. Going to take a painkiller and go to bed soon.

If it hasn’t cleared up by the morning I’m very tempted to call in ill to work (even though I’ve only just started) because it is far too distracting to concentrate, and is interfering with speaking.