Auto Assault Clan

A while back, in my fit of trying to find a MMORPG to follow post-suspension of Imperator I set up shop temporarily in NCsoft/NetDevil’s Auto Assault forums. I decided against the US servers since there was to be a simultaneous US/EU Launch and set to creating a clan.

Unfortunately, the interest was relatively low and while I left the site and forum languishing I had little more to do with it as my involvement with the City of Villains beta drew my interest and recaptured me (I had gone stale on City of Heroes).

I meandered across the forums of Auto Assault UK again today (browsing through my links in Firefox) and found there’d been a little further interest in my Biomek Clan. I’m sorry people, it’s not going to happen – I have now removed the (sub)domain and site so that people can’t get their hopes up.

Kinda lost all interest when I got in on one of their beta weekends, and just didn’t enjoy the game much. Probably because I’ve never been much of a racing game fan, and hence am “missing out” on the driving fun part of it. Too complex driving in one direction and attacking 360 degrees with a turret as well.

I think Tabula Rasa is going to be the next game I look in depth at. Reminds me of Planetside, which I loved. of course, need more details first!