Actimel! Bleurgh!

Had my groceries arrive from those lovely people at today, and it appears that they dropped two packs of Actimel (that darn “friendly bacteria” drink) into my order. Well, always up to try something new, I took a sip. It was awful. And not just yuck awful. See the post subject!

On the up side, I spent this evening in the company of Amber and Al – close friends of mine I don’t get to see as often as I would like. Their kids are adorable – Cerys has grown into a right little chatterbox, and while Harry didn’t initially like the look of me, he warmed up after watching a game of catch I played wth Cerys. Went over for a nice meal and after the kids went to bed a couple of board games.

Was good to see the pair of them again – I’ll be seeing much more of Al since he already works at Griffin, and hopefully means I’ll bump into Amber and the kids a bit more too!