Hopelessly Inept and Self-absorbed Autobiography

My name is Naomi Claydon, Ni for short (pronounced as in 'The End Is', not as in 'The Knights Who Say...' Got that? Good!) And I was born in Oxford, England on the 28/2/1979. I've just graduated with a BSc in Information Systems (Artificial Intelligence). That's not why I have a homepage, I'm just terribly vain. I'm currently working at National Rail Enquiries, and badgering innocent comic editors with assorted scripts.

A portrait taken at Leicester Square.

A Doctor Who fan for many years, I'm also quite fond of the rock band Queen, science fiction in general and all things chocolate. Not always in that order. Much as you're no doubt looking at my portrait and imagining me as a six-foot blonde, I'm actually a five foot four redhead. And I have no idea what that is in those new-fangled metre things.

Big mention to sister Emma, student, and parents Sara and Maurice, who are going to be a bit surprised when they see this. (I'm working, Mum, honest!) And also to my lovely boyfriend Andy, whom I love to pieces (and pretty small pieces, at that!)

Hope you enjoy my page, but since I can't see it being of much interest to anyone outside my social circle, I'm sure you'll all tell me it's great- to my face.

If you have any questions, comments, or good-natured ribbing, you can get hold of me at:



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Other Links
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Q: Is there life on Mars? A: Only in the party season.